Internationales Festival mit Figuren

Milieu & Alentour

Pupper mit Spiegel
Marionettenspiler hält derigiert die Figur
Marionette im Licht

Benoit Schupp

A metal tower which is four metres high accommodates a curled up puppet on a string. It moves on a pool of ice. The ice melts and the material is exposed to the images of erosion and weathering. The speakers turn, let in the sound and cause a subtle vibrato. The audience, circled by Milieu, dives into an area which is constantly changing in a visual and tonal way.

Renaud Herbin - TJP CDN Strasbourg - Grand Est
55 min
adults, children 8+
people involved

Play: Renaud Herbin
music: Philippe Le Goff - nicht live

Place: Lokpark

18:00 | Saturday 15.10.     >>Tickets


23€/16€ reduced