Internationales Festival mit Figuren

things easily forgotten

Schachtel mit blumen werden geöffnet

Alvaro Prats

In this miniature miracle, the Catalan artist Xavier Bobés gives us an insight into his personal story in Spain in the second half of the 20th century. In an intimate circle of only a few people watching, Bobés deals with history on the basis of objects and sounds on this sensual trip. He brings back old memories and evokes new ones. A fascinating reminiscence, which changes the here and now and has been performed all over the world.

Xavier Bobés
60 min
some english
people involved

play: Xavier Bobés

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a bit english language

Place: Das Kult

15:00 | Wednesday 12.10.     >>Tickets

18:00 | Wednesday 12.10.     >>Tickets

15:00 | Thursday 13.10.     >>Tickets

18:00 | Thursday 13.10.     >>Tickets

11:00 | Friday 14.10.     >>Tickets

16:00 | Friday 14.10.     >>Tickets

11:00 | Saturday 15.10.     >>Tickets

16:00 | Saturday 15.10.     >>Tickets


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