Internationales Festival mit Figuren

Workshop "Flipping Toasts"

The international group La Barque Acide offers a performance-accompanying movement and circus workshop open to all ages as part of their stay at the WEITBLICK Festival. In the workshop, you will get to know a new side of the toaster as an everyday object.
Between movement and object manipulation, the workshop will include juggling with toasts, experimenting with the toaster's built-in timer, and even reprogramming with the help of a computer. The artists of La Barque Acide Léo Rousselet and Carla Carnerero-Huertas invite you to explore puppet theater from a performance perspective, to try out the performance elements for yourself and then to rediscover them in the show "The End Is Nigh!" on Oct. 14th at 9 p.m. in the „Kleines Haus“ of the Staatstheater.

Waisenhausdamm 11
38100 Braunschweig

people involved

La Barque Acide Léo Rousselet und Carla Carnerero-Huertas

further information

Registration at: theater@fadenschein.de
Limit of participation: 10 persons (still 7 free)


18:00 | Tuesday 11.10.