Internationales Festival mit Figuren

Je brasse de l´air

Schauspielerin tanzt mit Luftmaschine
rotierende Maschine mit zwei Daumen
zwei Propella an Stäben

Julien Joubert / Laurent Gayte

In this poetic production, the story of a young girl is told, who wants to become a mistress of the air. The audience experiences her search for the opportunities to learn how to fly. There is light around the stops of her hike, delicate pieces of equipment come to life – metal hybrids of physics and fantasy, double beings of gravity and longing, strange and touching.

Cie L‘insolite Mécanique
45 min
adults, children 10+
some French and English
people involved

Play: Magali Rousseau
Music: Stéphane Diskus

Place: KufA Haus

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12:00 | Sunday 09.10.     >>Tickets

15:00 | Sunday 09.10.     >>Tickets

17:30 | Sunday 09.10.     >>Tickets


23€/16€ reduced