Internationales Festival mit Figuren


Creperie im Fadenschein Theater

Gunter Wolters

There is a lot on offer in the theater courtyard. When the wheel of fortune turns and there is a tempting smell of crêpes, you can make fine crafts and experience surprising things.
Between the performances of THE MAN WHO WANTED TO BE A FLOWER in the theater hall, a life-size curious BABY ELEPHANT and Kaspar, his human companion from Theater PasParTout, will drop by our courtyard. Undaunted and cheerful, they roam the world together. But with these two thick heads, one of them always steps out of line, and so a ruckus is quickly brewing.

Der Freundeskreis Theater Fadenschein e.V.
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Place: Theater Fadenschein

19:00 | Sunday 09.10.