Internationales Festival mit Figuren

The end is nigh!

sitzende Frau mit Toaster auf Bühne
Konferenz des Toaster begutachten auf Bühne
nach der show, Stühle und Tische mit Toaster


An imminent apocalypse is in the air, in the atmosphere: one which is both poetic and extravagant. One which is final; ultimate… and ultimately tender.

When the future is almost dead and the present is disjointed...
Let us have another round. Let us throw ourselves into the thick of it:
Let us no longer think
Stand up for something one last time
Dive into the simplest version of absurdity
Without a mask
Without vanity (It will no longer rescue us.)
In a worn-out aesthetic, where there are no longer any laws to answer to, empty shopping trolleys pass by, emptied of consumer products that only fill a physical place.
The transformation of this environment occupied by bodies, by stray - but free - objects creates space for a sleek and élégant form of recycling. This circus is a non-circus which expresses itself by its retranslation, by its own negation.

La Barque Acide
60 min
English, French, Italian
people involved

Spiel: Carla Carnerero |Marcelo Nunes | Marie Vanpoulle |Maristella Tesio | Steph Mouat | Léo Roussolet | Simon Bournouf | Karita Tikka | Aidan Rolinson-Rainford

Place: Staatstheater Braunschweig - Kleines Haus

21:00 | Friday 14.10.     >>Tickets